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Adding a Employee Write Up

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While it is unfortunate there are times you need to write up an employee for disciplinary purposes, Contractor Foreman gives you the tools and organization to do it in a proper way.

To create a new employee write up, go to main menu and select Employee Write Up. Then select either the small New button to the right of Employee Write Up or select Create a New Employee Write Up from the top of middle pane (List View.)

Required fields are marked with and Asterisk (*.)

Employee Write Ups

Employee: Select the Employee from the drop-down box.

Date: Enter the Date of the Write Up.

Discipline Type: Select the type of Discipline from the drop-down box. Your choices are; Verbal, Written, Indirect, Time Off and Termination.

Signature: If a signature was captured on the Phone App it will show here.

Write Up Images: Click the blue button Select Images/Files to Upload. This could be pictures of damage caused, files of previous infractions or any other type of documentation that is required.

Occurrence: Select the appropriate times violation occurred. Choices are First and Repeated.

Witnesses: Use the blue button to select any employees that were witness to the infraction.

Note: Enter any other information not in the other fields that may be important to this Employee Write Up.

Generated By: System will auto populate this field based on login.

View PDF and Email PDF Buttons: To view and save or print the PDF click View PDF to Email the Employee Write Up click Email PDF.

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