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Adding a Equipment Log

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Equipment Logs

For companies that have pieces of Equipment that needs hours and maintenance tracked, Contractor Foreman provides you with Equipment Logs. Operators can quickly and easily track hours and report maintenance issues directly to the office.

To create a new Equipment Log, go to main menu and select Equipment Log Then select either the small New button to the right of Equipment Log or select Create a New Equipment Log from the top of middle pane (List View.)

Required fields are marked with and Asterisk (*.)

Equipment: Select the piece of Equipment used from the drop down. Note: To Add Equipment go to Settings.

Location: From the Drop Down box select the project/location the equipment was used at.

Used date and Hours: Enter the date the Equipment was used and number of total hours.

Generated By: Contractor Foreman will auto populate this field based on User Login.

Oil Changed: Enter the date and hours reading for when Oil was Changed.

Scheduled Maintenance: Enter the Date and Hours Scheduled Maintenance was done.

Needs Repair or Maintenance: Use this field to document any Repairs or Maintenance items needed. Also can be used for general notes.

To save the record click Submit.

To Edit the record, click the green pencil icon in the upper right corner of screen.

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