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Adding a New Inspection

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Building Inspections and material inspections can all be easily handled by Contractor Foreman. Track by Inspections type, Project, Agency or Permit # to make managing Inspections easy. You can even copy an inspection in case of a Failed or Re-Inspect, saving you time in data entry.

To create a new Inspection, go to main menu and select Inspection Then select either the small New button to the right of Inspection or select Create an Inspection from the top of middle pane (List View.)

Required fields are marked with and Asterisk (*.)

Project: Select the Project from the Drop Down box.

Inspection Type: Enter the Inspection type in this field. Example: Framing, Rough Plumbing, Concrete Cylinder test.

Permit: Enter the Permit # the Inspection is being done under.

Permit Expiration Date: Enter the date the Permit expires.

Agency: Enter what Agency id performing the Inspection. Example: City, County etc.

Inspection Images: Click the blue button to load Files and photos to be attached to the Inspection record.

Inspection Date and Time: Enter the date and time the Inspection took place.

Notes or Corrections Needed: Enter detailed information re the Inspection.

Inspected By: Enter the name of the person performing the inspection.

Inspection Status: Select the appropriate status of the Inspection. Your choices are Pass, Fail, Re-Inspect.

Generated By: System will Auto Populate based on user login info.

Copy Inspection (Blue Button): In case a re-inspection is required, clicking the Copy Inspection button will create a new inspection record and copy all pertinent data over to a new record.

View PDF and Email PDF Buttons: To view and save or print the PDF click View PDF to Email the Inspection click Email PDF.

To save the record click Submit.

To Edit the record, click the green pencil icon in the upper right corner of screen.

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