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Adding a New Invoice

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Adding a New Invoice

Contractor Foreman allows you to create and send invoices directly from the App. Required fields are marked with an Asterisk (*,)

To create a new Invoice, go to Main Menu and click on Invoices.

Fill out the customer field from the drop down as well as date and time (Time Field is optional.)

Give the invoice a brief description in the ˜Description note field.

Required Fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

To save a new invoice click the save or submit buttons.

In the right side of screen, the Invoice #) field will auto populate when invoice is saved.

Next is the Project field. Select the correct project from the drop-down menu.

You have two note fields.

Payment Note: This will place a note on the Invoice itself.

Note: This note will stay internal.

Notes is a text field to type in any other pertinent notes regarding the invoice.

To add line items to invoice, click the Add Items button. In the pop up screen Add Invoice Items fill out the following fields.

Item: Name of the Item. Examples, Deck Materials, Exterior cladding, Asphalt, etc. You can lump sum items to provide detailed line item invoices.

Quantity: What is the quantity you are billing for. If it is a lump sum item then it would be one (1) or if its 8 Windows the quantity is 8 and Item above would be Windows.

Price: This is the cost based on Quantity. As an example, if you have 8 Windows and they are $325.00 each the $325.00 would go in the Price field. Or if you were billing for a progress payment of $2,500.00 the Quantity would be one (1) and Price would be $2,500.00.

Cost Codes: If you are using the job costing portion of Contractor Foreman select the Correct Job Cost Code for this item.

Contractor Foreman will total the item at the bottom of form.

On the main screen, you can assign taxes and discounts.

Click Submit to save the record.

Repeat steps to add additional items.

Once you are back to main invoice screen you can then set the following fields:

Due Date: Set the date the invoice is due.

Authorized By: This is typically the customer.

Prepared By: This will default to whoever is logged in at the time and creating the invoice.

Approval Type & Status: Here you can choose Approval Type meaning, Approved, On Hold, Paid, Charge etc. You can then use these settings in reports to run invoice status reports.

Status is Approved or Archived. Once an Invoice is paid it can help to set it to Archived. This keeps list shorter and screens more organized. You can still access the Invoice regardless of Status.

To the right of these fields are:

Tax Rate: Here you can designate which taxes apply to the invoice. Tax Rates are set up in Settings.

Discount: This field allows you to offer a discount on the invoice. It will automatically calculate for the total. Discounts are calculated on pretax totals.

Payment Type: If you know how invoice will be paid you can enter that here by selecting the drop down.

Payment Note: This is a field for internal notes, these do not show up on the invoice and remain in Contractor Foreman.

Once completed you can view and save the invoice or email it directly from the screen using the Email PDF button.

To save the invoice click Submit or to edit it after saving click the green pencil icon in upper right.”

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