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Adding, Editing & Assigning Roles

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Roles provide a great way for you to restrict what someone can see and edit within their account. Unlike Assigned Project and Default Project, this applies to the individual module. It’s a great way to ensure that someone isn’t viewing data they should not have access to or showing too many menu options that may confuse certain employees.

The Roles can be configured and created within Menu > Company Settings > Roles.

You have three options:

  1. Edit an existing Role that we provide.
  2. Create a new Role from scratch.
  3. Copy an existing Role so that minor tweaks can be made to the copied Role.

We have a great video here regarding Roles:

Once you are creating or editing a Role, you will see a list at the top right that indicates what each option provides one selected. As an example¦ if you do not want your User (who may be a laborer) to see or have anything to do with Invoices, set their role to No Access. Also, if you have an employee who is only using the Time Card feature, setting the other modules to No Access hides them from the menu so that the User doesn’t act confused by the many options on the menu. If you want them to be able to only see their Time Cards, set it to Full Access “ Own Data. Whereas with a supervisor, you may want to set theirs to Full Access “ All Data so that they can see the cards created for everyone. Or, if you want them to see the data but not be able to make changes to it, you can set it to Read Only.

  • No Access (User does not see any data including the Menu/field item.)
  • Full Access – All Data (User can see and edit all records created by them and other Users.)
  • Full Access – Own Data (User can see and edit all records created only by them.)
  • Read Only (User can see all records created by them and others but cannot edit records.)

Once you have revised/created the Roles, be sure to apply the correct Users to the Roles. You can do this within the Menu > Directory > Select Record > Role. If the user is already logged in, they will need to logout and sign in again for the changes to take effect.

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