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Adding Estimate and Estimate Items

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Adding Estimates in Contractor Foreman is fast and easy and can be done from the field and emailed to the customer straight from the App. Estimates can be simple lump sum type estimates or detailed and job costed. You can include Markups and taxes for line items as well as detailed description for line items.

You must have the customer created to enter a new estimate. To add a new Estimate, go to main menu and click on Estimates then click on either the small New button in main menu or click Create New Estimate button in middle pane.

The only required fields are Customer and Description to save an Estimate.

In new Estimate Screen Select the Project, then complete the following fields:

Required Fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

Estimate Date and Time: Enter the date and time the estimate was created.

Estimate #: The system will automatically create a number for the estimate once saved based on the Project. As an example; Smith Residence, Estimate #1, Smith Residence Estimate #2.

Project: If a project has been created for the Estimate, select that project from the Drop Down.

Estimate Images: Add any photos that are pertinent to the Estimate and may be refereed to when putting the Estimate together.

Authorized By: Using the drop down, select who authorized the Estimate. Typically the Owner or Owners Rep. This field pulls from the Customer Record and any Additional contacts that were entered.

Expiration Date: If there is an expiration date for the Estimate enter it here.

Notes: Enter any notes that are pertinent to the estimate here.

Prepared by: This will auto populate based on users Login.

Approval Type: Once the Estimate has been submitted you can enter the response here. Later you can run reports for Estimates won, lost, re-bid etc.

Status: You can set the Status to Active or Archived once the project is complete or you were not awarded the project.

Signature: On the App, the Employee can have the customer sign and accept the estimate directly from the estimate screen. The signature will show up in the Panel/Web version of Contractor Foreman as an image.

Adding Items to an Existing Estimate.

Click on Add New Estimate Item box.

Once clicked a Pop Up screen will appear, fill out the following fields;

Subject: This is a description of the line item you are adding. Can be simple such as Concrete or more detailed such as 1500 Board Feet of 2X6DF.

Quantity and Unit: Quantity is how much of the line item are you estimating. It ties to Unit field and is used in the calculation for this line item… A few examples are, Quantity, 1500, Unit BF. So 1500 Board Feet. Or it can be one for Quantity as a lump sum item. Quantity 1, Unit LS or Lump Sum.

Unit Cost: This is a calculated field that uses Quantity in its calculation. Unit cost is per Quantity. So, if you have a quantity of 1 it will calculate Quantity x Unit Cost.

Mark Up: This is a field for adding a Mark Up to this line item based on percentage.

Tax Rate: If you have Tax Rates setup in Company Settings, select them here from Drop Down.

Equipment Used: If you entered materials in Company Settings you can assign them to this estimate by selecting them from the drop down.

Materials Used: If you entered materials in Company Settings you can assign them to this estimate by selecting them from the drop down.

Cost Code: If you are using cost codes, select the cost code for this item from the drop down. Using cost codes allows you to run job cost reports to track financial progress and outcomes of jobs.

Description: Here you can enter a more detailed description of the item as well as exclusions and inclusions and clarifications for this estimate item.

Click the Submit button to save the item.

Repeat steps above to create each new Estimate Line item.

Editing an Estimate Line Item: In the Estimate line item table, click on the green pencil icon on the line to be edited. Make changes in Pop up window and click submit.

Note: You have four buttons across the bottom to view or email different PDF’s.

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