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Adding or Revising Cost Codes

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Adding or Revising Cost Codes

In Contractor Foreman you can add your own cost codes or edit the existing list. We have loaded a sample/temporary list to assist you in getting started. To add or edit codes follow the steps below. Cost codes are two tiered, meaning you can have one Parent code for 01000 General Condition then multiple Child Codes underneath that Parent Code. As an Example, 01050, 01075. Both will be under Parent code 01000.

Go to main menu and select Settings then select Cost/Work Codes from the sub menu.

To add a new Parent Code, click on the blue button in upper right Add Parent Code. Fill out the three fields for CSI Code, CSI Name and make sure Active is selected in the Status Field.

Then you can add Codes (Child Codes) underneath the Parent Code. To do this follow these steps.

  • In main Cost Code list view, select blue button for Add Cost/Work Code. Then in next screen select the Parent Code.
  • Enter the CSI Code. As an example 01000 (for General Conditions)
  • Enter the CSI Name. General Conditions ( for 01000)
  • Select Active in the Status Field.
  • Select Submit.
  • To Edit or Modify a Cost Code go to main Cost Code list view. This view contains all of the Parent Codes.
  • To Edit a Parent Code select the green pencil icon under the Action Column on the row you wish to modify.
  • Make your Revisions and click Submit.

To Revise a Child Code go to main Cost Code list view.

  • Click on the green plus (+) sign on the far right under the Detail column.
  • Select the Code you want to modify.
  • Make changes as in steps above and click Submit.
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