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Assigned Projects & Default Project

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Assigned Projects and Default Projects are great tools that help you limit the amount of data you and your employees see by only showing you the data that you need/want to see.

NOTE: You should NOT Assign a project or Default Project to you or anyone else who should see ANY data that pertains to other records or if you are frequently moving from one project to another.

Default Project

The Default Project is (shown below) is set in the menu bar. Once set, you are telling the system to only show you data that pertains to that project. If you are working the same project for a long period of time, this is a great way to ensure that you are only seeing data for that project.

To assign a Default Project, click on the down arrow and select a project from the list.
To remove the Default Project selection, click on the down arrow and select the currently selected project to unselect it.

Assigned Project(s)

An Assigned Project is a project that your user should be able to see within their account. Often times projects are assigned to supervisors and this allows you to ensure that your supervisor only sees the data that pertains to those projects. It also helps ensure that your sub-contractors only see data for projects they are part of. As an Admin, you should not assign yourself to a project. Too often this is done and then an item such as an Estimate is created and saved and then it appears to vanish. This happens because the Estimate is part of a project that you are not allowed to see/access. The data is there, but your current settings do not allow you to see it.

To add an Assigned Project, go to the Menu > Directory > Users record. Click Edit and then click on Assigned Projects. Click on the project(s) that you want the user to see within Contractor Foreman. Then Save.
To remove an Assigned Project selection, go back to the users Directory record and edit it. Click the Assigned Projects button and then click the projects to unselect them.

NOTE: If you want to see ALL projects, do not select any project in the list.

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