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How do I sync leads from my Angi Leads and HomeAdvisor account?

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We make it easy to sync leads from your Angi Leads account to Contractor Foreman.  To do so, log into your Angi Leads account and select Account.  Then click on the Statement Tab.  Half way down the page you will see your Account number.

With this number copied to your clipboard, go to Contractor Foreman and click on the Menu and select Settings.  Then click on the Integrations tab.  On the new page, click on Angi Leads.  You will need to paste/type the Account Number into the field and submit it.

That’s it.  Angi Leads and our team will take care of the rest within 48-72 hours.

If you do not start receiving leads into your Contractor Foreman account after time time frame, please email and let us know and provide a screenshot of the lead details.

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