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Cleaning Text for Copy and Paste (Fixes Blank PDF)

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Copying text from one source (such as Word) into Contractor Foreman is a huge time saver. Visually, most everything looks correct. But in the code, Word brings over a lot of nasty code that has a tendency to break things. That is true for many systems (not just Contractor Foreman). So how do you correctly bring over text from Word into Contractor Foreman without retyping it?

  1. Copy the text in Word
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the copied text into the right side
  4. Click the Clean button
  5. Optional: You can format the text here as desired
  6. Copy the HTML (left side)
  7. Paste it into the HTML preview in Contractor Foreman. Click the </> icon to go to HTML view (this makes the text background black instead of white)
  8. Click </> to move back to review mode
  9. Make necessary formatting changes

Online text editors do not have the same powerful features that you find in applications like Word. Cleaning the text will increase the chance of the output looking as intended and reduce the chance of you or your client having a problem opening the document.

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