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Contractor Foreman breaks down your contacts into categories. These help with organization as well as speeding up data entry by keeping lists shorter and searches faster. The categories are, Employees, Customers, Contractors, Vendors and Misc. Contacts.

You can add contacts either one at a time or use the .CSV template provided in each section. See Help for Adding Contacts.

  • Employees: These are all employees whether they are users of the app or not.
  • Customers: Customers are the people or entities you have signed projects with or intend to have signed projects with. It is common to have one customer that has multiple projects.
  • Contractors: This list will contain both your General Contractors and Sub Contractors. In this section, you can track Contractors license and certifications and their related expiration dates.
  • Vendors: These are the companies that provide services and supply products but do not perform labor onsite.
  • Misc. Contacts: Here is where you would add contacts such as Inspectors, Architects, Engineers and others that do not fit into the above categories.
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