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How do I activate the geofence fence area for the Project? Is there a recommended radius for the GEO fence feature?

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To activate Geo Fence area for a Project, go to the Menu and select Time Cards and click on the “gear” icon located at the top right side of your screen below your name, or click here. In the Time Card Settings, scroll down until you see the section “GPS Tracking” and click on the green pencil as shown below.

Then make sure to Enable Geofencing for Time Cards as shown below, also, you can set a Default Radius, Minimum Radius and Maximum Radius there.

*** You may have noticed that there is an option that allows users with certain roles to clock into a project even if they are outside of the geofence area. This is great for Supervisors, Project Managers that need to record their time against a Project but they are not necessarily in the Project. For the roles that have this availability, CF will add a note to mark the Time Card as clocked in/out of the geo fence.

Once we have done the Time Card Settings, go to the Menu and click on Projects and pick the Project you wish to add a Geo Fence to.

Click on the “Details” option of your left menu as shown below.

Then go to the “Project Configuration” section as shown below and expand that section.


Once expanded, you will see a few options. Check the box “Set Geofence Area (for Time Card clock-in)” and click on the button “Define Location”

100 meters is a good recommended radius for the Geo Fencing but feel free to find the best one that works for your needs.

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