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How do I add my address and other details or letterhead on the top of the PDF?

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You’ve spent years developing a brand – no need to let a template keep you from looking your best.  Contractor Foreman makes it easy for you to maintain consistent branding within the documents you send to your clients.  We allow you to easily change the logo, header, footer and colors across your templates so that the document looks like it was customized just for your client.

If your company already has a letterhead that it prefers to use (like the one below that expands the full width of the page), you can upload the header and/or footer image within Settings > Profile > Header (here).

When a Header image is used, the standalone Logo (Main) will no longer appear on the PDF in the upper left as it did before (to prevent from showing the same logo multiple times).  Adding a Header image pushes down the other elements on the PDF so that the result looks like the image below.  This approach is great for those who have a letterhead already established and want to maintain branding.


To further enhance the look of the PDF, you can change the cell background color from gray (default) to a custom color.  You can also change the font color from black (default) to a color that matches your branding.  This can be done within Settings > Templates (here).


Below is a creative example from a customer who created a “logo” that included their logo and other company details for use within the header.  They added the image in the “Logo (Main)” field here in Settings.  This format allows the user to include a lot of information into a small area without impacting the flow of the rest of the document.



The same company created a Footer image and in it they added all details required by their country as well as billing details.





Update Logo in Settings:



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