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How do I generate a Bill from the Subcontracts Module?

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To generate a Bill from a Subcontract, go to the Main Menu, under the Financial Section click on the Subcontracts module and then select the Subcontract that you want to generate a Bill for.

Open the Subcontract, click on the Action Items icon (3 green dot icon) or scroll down to the bottom right and click on the Actions box. Both methods will give you the option to Generate a Bill.

Action items (3 dot icon) is at the top right

Action box is at the bottom right of the screen.

After clicking on “Generate a Bill” a window will popup with the list of all the items in your Subcontract. You will have a couple of options of how much should be billed. You can click on the option Maximum %, which will take the remaining percentage to be billed; Fixed %, this option is great for partial payments to your subcontractors; and the option Leave Blank, which will allow you to put your own percentages or dollar amounts in the Bill. After putting there the amounts we will click on the blue button Generate.

Then we will be taken to the Bills Module and it will include all the items we selected in the previous step.

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