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How Do I Integrate with QuickBooks?

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Integrating with QuickBooks allows you to continue to use the system you know, but also gaining additional features by using a true project management system. Best of all, integrating with QuickBooks eliminates the need for double data entry. To ingegrate, go to the Menu, choose Settings and select Integrations. Here you will see the option to sync QuickBooks. Before the integration, make sure to go to this link to understand how to get started –

Guided Integration (Recommended)

Integrating with QuickBooks shouldn’t be difficult or scary. Let us walk you through the integration. Schedule an exploratory call (up to 1.5 hours) to answer any questions you have about the integration and to review the current structure of your QuickBooks data (through screen share). They will also identify if there are any concerns or changes that need to be made before integration takes place. If additional QB assistance is needed, it can be purchased directly from Smart Business Solutions at a discounted rate of only $75/hour.

Book an Integration Exploratory Call

Self-Guided Integration

The integration guides below will help you integrate your Contractor Foreman account with your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop Account. Each guide includes many other answers to your QB questions as well as screenshots to help. If time allows, we do recommend the Guided Integration experience. This takes the pain out of the QB Integration process.

When to Integrate

It’s ideal to integrate Contractor Foreman and QuickBooks after you have removed the demo data from your Contractor Foreman account and before you start adding real records. Because your account with us is new, it’s much easier to connect the two. If you have been using Contractor Foreman and QuickBooks for some time, it becomes more of a challenge since invoices, payments and estimates that exist in both systems cannot be linked together. Integrating at the start ensures that any newly created record is synced to the other system. By completing the integration upfront, you can continue to use QuickBooks as you have and you will see the data flow over to Contractor Foreman. You can also create the records in Contractor Foreman and allow them to flow to QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Desktop version 2022 and 2023 Users

You must install this Intuit patch (before or after) installing the connector for it to properly function. Not doing so will prevent the chart of accounts list from loading.  After installing the patch restart both the connector and QuickBooks Desktop (if they are running).

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