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How to connect Contractor Foreman to CompanyCam.

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Contractor Foreman makes it easy for you to sync the photos and documents you add to CompanyCam directly into your account without any additional work.  Imagine, the speed and convenience of CompanyCam added with the job details found in Contractor Foreman.  What a perfect combination.  Not a CompanyCam customer?  Give it a try for free.

The CompanyCam integration is available on most plans, but not all.  Review the list of plans here.

To connect your existing CompanyCam account to your existing Contractor Foreman account, go ahead and make sure you are logged into each account as an administrator.

  1. In Contractor Foreman, go to the Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Integrations
  4. On the Integrations page, click on Activate (see image below)
  5. Once Activate is clicked, a window will open asking you to log into your CompanyCam account or, if logged in already, you will see that the connection has been made.
  6. If the account needs to be disconnected in the future, you can do so by clicking “Unlink CompanyCam”.
  7. That’s all there is to it!


Creating Projects

Creating projects in either system is easy.  When you create a project in one system, the Project details will be synced to the other system.  No more double entries.  To create a project within Contractor Foreman.

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Hover over the Project option (or click it) and click the + (new) icon.
  3. Complete the required fields; Project Name, ID, Customer, Project Type. Fields not supported by the CompanyCam API will not transfer.


Adding Photos and Documents

Photos and documents added within CompanyCam are instantly synced to the project within Contractor Foreman and placed within the CompanyCam folder.  Documents are placed within a CompanyCam/Documents folder for easier access.  All files sycned to Contractor Foreman from CompanyCam will appear within:

  • Menu > Files & Photos > All Files View
  • Menu > Files & Photos > Project Name > CompanyCam folder
  • Project > Files & Photos > All Files View
  • Project > Files & Photos > CompanyCam folder


Deleting Synced Files

Currently, CompanyCam does not offer a two-way sync for the deletion of files.  If a file needs to be deleted from both systems, it will need to be manually deleted from both systems.  When this feature is enabled by CompanyCam, it will be implemented here.


Marked Up Images

When an image is marked up (annotated), the revised changes will be synced to Contractor Foreman replacing the existing file.


Things to Remember

  • Currently it is not possible to sync contact information from CompanyCam to Contractor Foreman.  As a result, you must manually assign a Customer to your Project within Contractor Foreman.
  • The photos and documents only transfer from CompanyCam to Contractor Foreman.  Projects created in both systems will sync both ways.  Currently it is not possible to link a project that already exists in both systems.


Did we miss something?  Email us and let us know.

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