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How do I create or edit a document?

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Creating a document within the Document Writer is a very simple process.  You can create your own document (starting with a blank screen) or you can paste an existing document.  Once the document has been added, you will then be able to quickly make edits and generate copies if it for your agreements, contractors and other needs.

To create a new document, go to the Document Writer and follow these steps;

  • Add the Document Name
  • Select the Module it is associated with (such as Contractors)
  • Select the publication Status
  • Select to Show Header or Show Footer (If this is enabled, the header and footer image you added to Settings > Profile will appear in the document. This is ideal if your company has a professional letterhead that you prefer to use and want to maintain the same look.  If you plan to print the document onto letterhead paper, you would want to keep these unchecked as it would conflict.
  • The box ‘Use existing image as document’ allows you to make a full-size image be your “document”. This is a great option for creating proposal packets within the Estimating module.  When this feature is used, it is not possible to add text or attachments. To learn more about this, watch the video “Creating Proposals in the Document Writer”
  • Copy the text in your existing document
  • Paste the copied text into the Document Writer text field


Now you are ready to insert the fields that should be merged when a document is generated.

  • In the text editor toolbar, click on the Merge Field dropdown.
  • Hover over the module (that contains the data you want to merge into the document) and then select the field. Do this for each field.


What is the difference between..

  • Add link to file at the bottom of the document (All File Types)
  • Show attachments as individual pages within the PDF (PDF’s Only)


When you click to add a link to the bottom of the document, a link to the file will be inserted.  This is helpful if you want to link to a guide or PDF.  As an example, contractors that work on homes that may contain lead paint are required to give their clients a copy of the EPA Lead Paint renovation pamphlet.  Including the document as a link is a great solution for this.


Showing attachments as an individual page will insert the PDF document as a document within the page.  Using the example from above, if your standard agreement is 3 pages and you are inserting the EPA Lead Paint pamphlet as individual pages instead of as a link, now the agreement is a total of 33 pages (3 pages of the agreement + 30 pages of the EPA pamphlet).


If a document requires a signature or is considered very important, it is suggested that it be shown as individual pages.  If the document is a product brochure, it is best displayed as a link at the bottom of the original document.


Also see the KB “The formatting of my document is not correct”

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