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Import Cost Codes

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Contractor Foreman comes with a basic list of cost codes to get you up and going but if you want to use your own, we make the process simple. Before importing a list of codes, consider these points.

  1. Do you want to keep the existing cost codes that came with your account or do you want us to delete them?
  2. If you want us to delete them for you, do you want us to delete them from items associated with existing items or only delete the cost codes that were not used? If you want to delete all of your cost codes or if you only want to delete the codes that were not used, we will need to do that for you. Start a LiveChat session or contact support.
  3. If you simply want to ‘hide’ some of the Cost Codes, change the status from Active to Archived.

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you are ready to import your own cost codes.

  1. Download the sample CSV Import Template and use that to make sure your data is formatted correctly. (Step 1, Image 1)
  2. Click the Import Cost Codes button. (Step 2, Image 1)
  3. Preview the results. Do they look correct? If you see an error now, there will be an error later. (Image 2)
  4. If the records are correct, click Import. If the records do not look correct and you need help, contact support.
  5. If you track retainage, be set to set the Cost Code associated with Retainage/Retention. (Step 3, Image 1)
  6. That’s it!

If for some reason you find a mistake and want to undo your recent import, click on the View Imports button and click the Trash icon to delete the Cost Codes associated with the import. (Step 3, Image 1)

Need Help? Start a LiveChat with us or send a message to Support.

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