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Location Permission Settings in Android

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Several of the tools found within Contractor Foreman use your current location to show projects/customers around you or they are used to record your location when you are clocking in/out or at other intervals. Even though Contractor Foreman does not provide live tracking, it may be necessary for your location to be provided. Each company is allowed to specify if they require the location or if it is optional.

Below are the steps to enable location within Android

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

If User has an Android 11 device then We also need additional permission for access location when the app is in background for the timecard track feature. Users need to enable that permission manually. So we show that popup if it is not enabled. In that popup we show which option users need to select (Allow All time).

When you click the continue button it will redirect to the permission setting screen. It shows like that.

Step 4

Here the user has to select allow all the time option for access location all time. If you do not select that option permission popup shows again because we need that permission for timecard track. Once the user will select that option(Allow All the Time) then the popup will never show again.

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