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My labor amounts are wrong based on hours worked.

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Are the labor amounts you are seeing with the Project > Financial details less then you expect?  If so, it could be due to the reason mentioned below.

Example: An employee worked 38 hours at $35/hr.  It should show as $1330 within Project > Financial > Time Cards, but it was only showing $210.


When a time card is created, we store the wage rates within the time card based on what exists in the employees directory listing at the moment the time card is created. These rates are not visible to anyone other then the server.  If time card were created before wage rates were set, those values will be calculated at $0/hr. If we calculated labor by always looking at Directory > Employee > Wage Rates, this could cause records to increase in inaccuracy as an employee gets payment increases in the future. So, the rate gets stored with the card as it is created so that if an employee making $10 today starts earning $20 next week, the old time cards will continue to reflect the $10 amount the employee was making in the past, not the future wage amount of $20.

You can run a time card report and see the wage rates associated with the card to determine if this is what happened.

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