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Adding New RFI (Request for Information)

Request for Information

In Contractor Foreman, you can use the RFI for getting clarification regarding issues with such things as discrepancies between Plan and Specs or missing information or conflicting information. RFI’s are a way to track and record items that may have an impact on the project.

To create a new RFI, go to main menu and click on Correspondence and then in the sub menu, click RFI. Click the small New button to the right of RFI or click on the Create a New RFI (Request for Information) in the middle pane, then fill out the following fields. Required Fields are marked with an Asterisk (*.)

Project: Select project from Drop Down menu.

Date and Time: Enter the date and time the RFI was created.

To: Select the blue Select/View Contacts button and select who you are sending the RFI to.

From: Select who is sending the RFI.

Item #: The system will auto generate and auto populate this field.

Information Requested: Enter a detailed description of what information is needed and why. The better this is written the better the response will be.

Referenced Area in Question: Where on project is the question arising. Example, Upstairs bath, Rooftop A/C Unit ductwork.

Plan Sheet Number. Enter the plan and sheet number is applicable where the question is arising from.

Response Needed by: Enter the date you need an answer to the RFI. This is not a required field but very important to fill this out if you will later need to show why delays occurred.

Response Received: Enter the date the RFI was answered. This is not a required field but very important to fill this out if you will later need to show why delays occurred.

Response: Enter the response you were given for the RFI.

Generated by: System will Auto Populate based on login information.

Status: Leave status as Active until RFI has been resolved. Once resolved completely set status to Archive.

Select Images/Files to Upload: Select the files or photos that pertain to the RFI. This could be a plan sheet or a photo from the job site or a material cut sheet. Load anything needed to provide backup information for the RFI.

View PDF and Email PDF Buttons: To view and save or print the PDF click View PDF to Email the RFI click Email PDF.

To save record click on the Submit Button

To Edit the record, click on the green pencil icon in the upper right of screen.

Correspondence Overview


In Contractor Foreman, Correspondence is broken down into three categories.

Schedule Notices: This is for when an owner or subcontractor or vendor has or is causing a schedule delay to the project, as well as regular Schedule updates and weather delays. You can create a Schedule Notice and keep a record of when they were notified

Compliance Notices: Use the Compliance Notice for when a Subcontractor or Vendors work is out of compliance in regard to contract specification or they are producing poor workmanship.

Request for Information (RFI): Create an RFI when you see a discrepancy in contract documents or the plans or specs are missing information. RFI’s are an easy way to create a paper trail to document issues as they arise on the project.