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The formatting of my document is not correct

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Document editors like Word use formats that are unique to their application.  Copying it into any web based text editor can result in a less then desired result.  In most all cases the problem is related to the formatted text.  Text that is highlighted or formatted within Word is usually the cause of this.  There are two suggested options to help resolve this.

  1. After pasting the text into the Document Writer, select it all and click the eraser icon (Remove Font Style) in the toolbar.  This will remove the formatting.  This step normally resolves all issues.
  2. There are many websites that clear a Word document so that the text can be used with less issues.  A couple that we like are and  With both of these sites you will paste your Word document text into the text window and click Clean.  You will then be shown the HTML (code used for the website to create a document).  Copy the Clean HTML code and go back to the Document Writer.  In the text toolbar, click on the “</>” icon.  This will show the Code View.  Paste the HTML that you copied into this view and click the </> icon again to switch back to the document view to resume editing.

If there continues to be an issue after trying both of these steps, please contact support and we will be glad to review it.  We do not provide document editing services but we will be glad to take a quick look to see what the issue may be.  There are times when it may be faster to create a new document instead of trying to paste an existing document.  This is especially true with copying data in a PDF due to the way the text gets copied to the clipboard.

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