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Using Cost Codes

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Using Cost Codes

Cost codes are derived from the standard CSI codes (Construction standards Institute.) Due to the popularity of QuickBooks many people use the term Item Codes from QB. Basically, they are the same as CSI Codes but the numbering format is vastly different. Contractor Foreman comes with a preset list of Cost Codes from based on CSI format. If you wish you can add your own codes to Contractor Foreman or revise the set of codes already loaded.

In Contractor Foreman Certain features have cost code fields. These are screens such as Estimate, Invoice, Timecards and Change Orders.

When you fill out a line item that has dollars attached to it you can assign a cost code, this way you can then run reports to show how much of the budget was spent on each portion of the job. If you are using QuickBooks these are equivalent to Item Codes in QB.

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