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WePay FAQ’s and How To’s

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Contractor Foreman is excited to partner with WePay for online payment processing. Before getting started, please read through the full page below. Save it if needed. If your question isn’t covered in the items listed below, let us know and we will be glad to help.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is complete the WePay application. To do this, log into your Contractor Foreman account and click on Menu > Settings > Integration > WePay > Activate. At that point you will see the rates and fees and be asked to provide basic business details.

Be sure to complete all fields in the application to speed up the WePay review process. If you do not have a website, add the URL of your Facebook Page, Yelp, Houzz, LinkedIn or some other online profile associated with your company.

Once submitted, you’ll receive an email from WePay requesting some final details. If you do not receive the email, check your junk folder and use the Resend Email option (where the Activate button was previously). If you still do not receive an email, this means that you already have an account with WePay and can login at

FAQ’s (General Questions)

Which countries do you serve?
WePay with Contractor Foreman is currently available in the US (Credit Cards & ACH) and Canada (Credit Cards) only. We will expand to other countries in the near future.

Which payment methods are allowed?
Your customers will be able to pay using any major credit cards as well as their bank account using an ACH transfer.

Can I use a mobile card reader?
At the moment, mobile card readers are not available but they will be soon. If you are able to process at least 25 mobile payments per month from a single device and want early access, please contact support.

I use QuickBooks, will the payment transfer?
Yes. Payments made through the WePay integration will be recorded within Contractor Foreman and they will then be transferred to QuickBooks and the invoice balance will be updated.

FAQ’s (Account Creation & Verification)

What are the rates & fees?
You can find the current rates and fees by logging into your Contractor Foreman account and going to the Menu > Settings > Integration > WePay Setting Details.

What is the review process?
During the application process you’ll be required to submit personal and business details to ensure that you are eligible to receive online payments on behalf of your company. The review process can take 1-3 days. In the event that more information is needed, an email will be sent from WePay requesting more details.

I did not receive an email after signup.
If you already have a WePay account with the same email address, the normal notification email from WePay will not be sent. Instead, go to and log into your account (or use forgot password). You’ll then see a prompt to complete the account details.

Do I need to enter a website?
If you do not have a website, add the URL of your Facebook, Yelp, Houzz, LinkedIn or some other online profile associated with your company.

How do I verify my bank account (if asked)?
WePay will make micro-deposits (just a few cents each) to your account. You will be sent an email asking to confirm the amount of each deposit. If you do not have an email, please provide support with the two amounts and we can get the details to WePay.

FAQ’s (After Account Verification)

How can I track my payments and disputes?
All details about your account, received payments, disputed payments, and other details are available by logging into your account at

Are there any online payment limits or deposits?
There is not a limit on the payments you can receive but there is a limit on weekly deposits. Your new WePay account will come with a $10,000 weekly deposit limit. Payments that are received over that limit will be processed the following week. If you are already using WePay and you are already receiving more than $10,000/week and need to inquire about increasing your limit, contact support.

Can the rates be reduced if we process a lot of volume?
If you process more than $50,000/week in online payments, contact support so that we can talk to WePay about your options.

How long does it take to get my money?
As with any new relationship, trust needs to be built. The first few payments you receive will all be manually reviewed to make sure there isn’t any fraudulent activity taking place. After that, most payments will be automatically approved and deposited within 1-3 days. The payout timeframe is also based on the Deposits timeframe that you selected (daily, weekly, monthly). You can review and configure that in the Settings portion of your WePay account.

Can support authorize my payment?
Although we can help you get answers to your questions, we are unable to approve your profile or verify payments.

Can my client make partial payments?
Yes, your client can make partial payments. This is helpful for larger transactions that may not fit on one credit card.

Will I be notified of an online payment?
Yes, after a payment has been made, you will receive a notification. It will take 1-3 days to verify and depending on your selected Payout period (in WePay settings), you’ll then see the deposit to your account.

Will my client be sent a receipt?
Yes, once your client has posted a payment, a copy of the Invoice with the payment history will be sent to your client. This is the same PDF that you can send from your Contractor Foreman account.

How do I change my bank account?
You can do this by logging into and clicking on Settings > Bank Account.

How do I change how often my deposits are made?
You can do this by logging into and clicking on Settings > Transfer Period.

1) How to Accept Online Payments

At this point you should have completed the application and been Approved by WePay. Now, we will show you how to start accepting online payments.You have a couple different options for accepting online payments.

Project Level Approval
Within the Project Details, you have the ability to allow online payments for any invoice associated with the project.

Invoice Level Approval
Within ‘Invoice > Settings’, you have three options for accepting online payments:
Yes (All Invoices) = Online payments will be enabled for all invoices.
Yes (Ask me per Invoice) = A checkbox will be shown allowing you to toggle online payments on/off per invoice.
No = Paying online isn’t available (useful if the feature needs to be temporarily disabled).

2) Configuring the Invoice Template

Once integrated with WePay, you’ll have a new element (enabled by default) within your template. Enabling this element will show a Pay Online option. Here, you can show Pay Online as a text string only or also include the accepted cards logo. (Due to requirements, the card logo cannot be revised.) When your customer clicks on the text or logo, they will then be taken to an online version of the invoice. NOTE: If you are using a custom theme, you will not see this new element. You will need to create a new new custom invoice template using the stock template.

3) How to Send an Invoice for Payment

At this point you are Approved with WePay and your account is Activated. You’ve also enabled Online Payments on your Invoices and you’ve made sure the Pay Online element is enabled on your Invoice template. Now it’s time to send an invoice and request payment. The great thing about the integration is that you do not have to change what you have been doing. You can continue to send the PDF and your customer can use the Pay Online text within the PDF. You can also view the Invoice and click the Share icon to generate a link that can be shared with your client through email or elsewhere. This is also a great way for you to get a good feel of exactly what it is your client will see.

4) Posting a Payment

You’ve now sent your customer a PDF of the Invoice or you’ve copied the Share Link and sent it to them. Your client is not ready to pay their invoice. Clients using the Client Portal will have the ability to pay their invoices online. Once the link has been clicked, your client will see an online version of the Invoice. From there, they can click on “Pay with Bank Account” to transfer money using the ACH option or clicking the button again allows them to pay by credit card. They can also submit partial payments. Once a payment has been posted, the page will refresh and show the recorded payment within the Payment History and the payment form will be updated to show the current balance.

5) Payment Verification

At this point, you can log into your account to view your payment details. You can view your received payments, deposits, and more. To change the bank account where you receive deposits or to change how often your funds are deposited, click on Settings.

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