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What is the Bank/Credit Account used for?

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The Bank/Credit Account field used within the Expense module allows you to track which card was used to make the purchase; saving you time later when you reconcile your records. If you are connected to an accounting system such as QuickBooks, the list of values that you see will be the same as the bank accounts that exist within the accounting system. To make changes to this you will need to do so in the accounting system and then the updated list will sync to Contractor Foreman.
If you are not integrated with an accounting system, you can create a new Bank/Credit Account in one of two ways.
1: Go to Expense > Bank/Credit Account field, type in the bank name and press Enter. This will add it to the list of available options.
2: Go to Expense > Settings > Custom > Bank/Credit Account and you can add and manage all accounts from there.
In addition to being able to associate a Bank/Credit Account to an Expense, you can also assign a default account to an employee within their directory record. This is an ideal way to save time and reduce errors if the employee tends to use the same card for making purchases.

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