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When should the New Shift button be used?

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The new shift button, which is located at the top right side of the screen (in the Crew Schedule Module), can be used to select and schedule multiple people at the same time when they are not members of a pre-determined crew.

It is very easy to use but first we need to make sure that all the field employees have been added to the Crew Schedule. All we need to do is to click on the “Select Employee” Button that is right below the Home Page Icon at the top left side of the screen. Once you click on it, a pop-up window will be shown and you will be able to select the employees that are mainly part of the field team (you can also select your Subcontractors if you are a GC).

Once done, the employees selected can be viewed in the main Crew Schedule Module as shown below.

You are all set to start using the New Shift Button. Once you click on it, a window like the one shown below will pop up. Make sure to select the Project (you can see it is a mandatory field, because it has the red asterisk), by doing so the location will be auto-populated if the selected Project has an address. Use the Description box to provide more information about the Project, tasks to be accomplished or complementary information. Under the Member field, make sure to select the people that you want to assign to the previous selected Project. Finally, make sure to select from when to when your field team needs to go to that Project with the Time Period option.

Note that there is another option named Link Tasks. This option will allow you to modify the shift created for all the employees selected at once instead of modifying one by one.

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